b'100 Million HAVING FUN ALONG THE WAYToday, our family-owned business is recognized as one of the largest hat Memories Later resellers in the world. After reaching the 100 million hat milestone, we continue to be true to our guiding principles of MEMORIES MADE FROM HATS delivering quality, fun and personal style Since its founding in 1930, Jacobson Hat has beenat prices that are beyond comparison. the centerpiece of unforgettable memories, countlessThe next time you visit a souvenir store, smiles and even a few good laughs.In the beginning,hat shop, theme park, museum or zoo, our iconic headwear selection included fashionablewe encourage you to create a moment top hats and sporty derbies. Today, Jacobson designsthat can be remembered forever with a and manufactures hats and caps for every occasion,Jacobson hat.celebration and party imaginable.Trust us, thereOUR PERSONAL APPROACH are thousands of selfies that prove everyone has more fun when they wear a hat that reflects theirA unique aspect of our business is the individual personality and style. ability to create one-of-a-kind hats and caps that your customers will love to wear. If you can imagine it, we have the expertise to make it. From a custom embroidered souvenir cap with your logo to a novelty crab hat with wiggly eyes, we know how to make hats that have personality. Just browse the pages of this catalog to find your next best seller!LETS TALKSome say talk is cheap, but the advice we provide to hat resellers and souvenirretailers is priceless. Our professional customer service team is ready to share decades of product insights and expert design capabilities that will give you a competitive advantage in your market. Phone: 800.233.4690 | 570.342.7887 Fax: 800.882.5428|570.342.7454 www.BestWholesaleHats.comEmail: sales@jhats.com19-2'