b'Table of Contents1 )Witch & Wizard & Accessories Pages: 5witch hats, wizard hats and related accessories 2) Pirate & Tricorne HatsPages: 6-9hats, headwraps, weapons and related accessories3) SteampunkPages: 10-12hats, masks, goggles and headpieces 4) Day of the Dead & Witch Doctor Pages: 13-15 masks, hats, headpieces and accessories 5) Specialty Costume Hats & Accessories Pages: 16-27rental quality wool felt hats, top hats, derbies, fedoras, propeller beanies, bobby hats and alpine hats 6) Uniform Hats Pages: 28-31civil war, foreign legion, conductor, police, engineer, yachtand pilot hats 7) Western & Mexican HatsPages: 32-37felt & straw cowboy hats for children and adults & sombreros8) Helmets, Armor, Crowns, Shields & Weapons Pages: 38-44roman, medieval, conquistador and viking 9 )Costume Sets & AccessoriesPages: 45-48 animal, devil, police, prisoner and flapper 2'