b'Mexican Hats Head south of the border in one of these icons of Mexican culture. Youll soon be ready for everyFiesta party with the multiple colors and styles available.PONCHO W/FRINGE MULTICOLORED SOMBRERO MULTICOLORED SOMBRERO27585ACAOVALUE 139509978 Asst. Colors:Color: As ShownSize: Adult Colors: As Shown(Green/Black, Red/Black) STRAW SOMBRERO Pkd: 6 Doz. Wt: 25 lbs. Size: AdultPkd: 1 Doz. Wt: 10 lbs. 16726Pkd: 6 Doz. Wt: 24 lbs.Color As ShownSize: AdultPkd: 12 Doz. Wt: 42 lbs.PALM SOMBREROGIANT ZAPATA CHILDSBEST SELLER W/SERAPE BAND &9977NSAOEMBROIDEREDBINDING Color: NaturalSize: Adult CROWN SOMBREROSOMBRERO 29376NSAOPkd: 50 pcs. Wt: 31 lbs. 10058 W/SERAPE BAND Color: As Shown Natural Straw13955Size: Adult Size: ChildColor: As ShownSize: Adult Pkd: 4 Doz. Wt: 20 lbs. Pkd: 12 Doz. Wt: 27 lbs.Pkd: 100 Pcs.Wt: 45 lbs.MINI SOMBRERO MULTICOLOR SOMBRERO BEST SELLER HAND PAINTED 4 1/2 COLORED SOMBRERO ASSORTED COLOR TRIM 1362523366 26808ACAO CHILDS SOMBRERO MARACAS Color: As Shown Color: As Shown Color: Asst. Trim (Blue, Red)W/ SERAPE BAND 16071Pkd: 24 Doz. Wt: 11 lbs. Size: Adult Size: Adult21215Colors: Asst. Pkd: 6 Doz. Wt: 56 lbs.Color: Asst. Trim Pkd: 2 Doz. Wt: 30 lbs. Pkd: 2 Doz. Wt: 10 lbs.Size: ChildPkd: 4 Doz. Wt: 18 lbs.DELUXE FELT MEXICANBLACK/SILVER VELVETMINICOLORED SOMBRERO FRINGED COLOREDMARIACHI SOMBRERO MEXICAN SOMBRERO 23367SOMBRERO28463BKAO25484Color: As ShownSize: Adult 22612 Color: BlackSize: Adult Colors: As Shown Size: Adult Pkd: 6 Doz. Wt: 56 lbs. Colors: Asst. (Red, Green) Pkd: 1 Doz. Wt: 10 lbs. Pkd: 1 Doz. Wt: 3 lbs. Pkd: 6 Doz. Wt: 26 lbs.Hang Card32 Jacobson Hat Co. Inc. Costume Catalog| Western Hats'